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Stephan Diecke is a flight GNC and avionics engineer. Stephan earned his Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics/Precision Engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. His interest in engineering started early; starting to work as a computer systems administrator and hardware integration technician at the age of 13. During his formal education he become project leader for over 5 years in his University for building autonomous robots, which won accolades at the EUROBOT competition in Germany and Europe. After his B. Eng. degree, he has also been a lecturer for Embedded Systems, Microprocessor technology, Informatics, Digital Electronic and Digital Signal processing with focus on LabVIEW programming at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

After his M.Eng. degree he worked with Elektra UAS GmbH as a GNC and Avionics engineer for 2 years. At Elektra, he took the lead in designing, programming, and integrating avionics and electronics for Elektra One Solar, a record breaking lightweight solar electric airplane. During this time Elektra One Solar became the first solar electric airplane which crossed the Alps in Summer 2015. In 2016 he worked for Luminati Aerospace LLC as the VP Avionics/Electronics. Towards the end of 2016 he joined the Team of Bye Aerospace to  design the electric system of their Sun Flyer 2 POC; a two seat trainer aircraft with the goal of 14 CFR Part 23 certification. Sun Flyer 2 POC had its first flight in April 2018. During this time he also provided the electric integration, components and pilot interfaces for Bye Aerospaces Strato Airnet POC; another lightweight solar electric airplane with the goal of unmanned flight.

In recent years Stephan focussed on the development of components and concepts for 2-9 seat electric airplanes. That involved designs in the area of motor controllers, battery systems and algorithms for the calculation of propulsion system configurations and battery configurations as well as design aspects of high efficient electric airplanes.

Stephan is a member of the ASTM F39 committee on Aircraft Systems since 2018 and contributes his experience and lessons learned especially in the F39.05 subcommittee on Design, Alteration and Certification of Electric Propulsion Systems. The F39.05 subcommittee is responsible for publishing the ASTM F3338 standard. 

Stephan is an avid pilot and holds a German Sports Pilot license since 2014.

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